HI - I'm Got Plug? I'm a Mini E. That's an electric car being field tested by Mini. I have a few hundred siblings in the United States. We mostly reside on the left and right coasts where brave volunteers are pioneering with us. The volunteers are, for the most part, humans. You know; feet instead of tires, eyes instead of headlamps, pretty weird but they seem likable enough.

So, I am going to try to keep you interested with a diary of my activities here in the USA. I come from Germany which, of course, means I am very smart, good looking, fast, and thrifty.

Me on the MINI E E*Tour

Me on the MINI E E*Tour
All tucked in for the night

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GOT PLUG? Chapter 6 MINI E E*Tour, Post 5

2009.10.21 - Evening Run - Thanks to Holiday Inn Express

Leaving Islip, Don wanted to get close to NYC and recharge a bit to make sure I could make the jump through the city madness to Pearl River NY, so he called a Holiday Inn Express in Lynnbrook NY. He spoke to the manager, who was so excited about a visit from me that he stayed after work to check me out upon my late night arrival. He had me park in a reserved spot right by his office window so he could run my 110 “occasional use” 110v cord through it and into the outlet by his desk.

This manager did a lot of great customer relations job for Holiday Inn Express. Some of his guests were checking me out the next morning. I attract even more attention when I’m plugged in ... everyone loves that the plug goes into the “gas cap”)


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