HI - I'm Got Plug? I'm a Mini E. That's an electric car being field tested by Mini. I have a few hundred siblings in the United States. We mostly reside on the left and right coasts where brave volunteers are pioneering with us. The volunteers are, for the most part, humans. You know; feet instead of tires, eyes instead of headlamps, pretty weird but they seem likable enough.

So, I am going to try to keep you interested with a diary of my activities here in the USA. I come from Germany which, of course, means I am very smart, good looking, fast, and thrifty.

Me on the MINI E E*Tour

Me on the MINI E E*Tour
All tucked in for the night

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GOT PLUG? Chapter 6 MINI E E*Tour Post 10

2009.10.23 - Woodstock NY, Bethel Woods, and the KOA

We left the campsite Friday morning and headed back to Woodstock. Don put me back on the charger and went off exploring. He told me about finding the spot where he and his pals circled five VW buses with about 20 people and camped for a week 40 years ago. He kept saying “what a long strange trip it’s been”.

When we left Bethel Woods that day we stopped at Hector’s where Don went in a had a beer. I was warned about people drinking beer and then driving me but I trust Don and didn’t really have much choice in the matter. It turned out really great. Hector, whose name is Jim, is a legend. Apparently 40 years ago he heard hundred of thousands of kids were coming up his way so he wisely bought up all the been in the county, hung out a shingle, and went into business.

When Don brought him out to see me; Hector said: “Pretty cool car, but can she peel out?” Don started babbling about torque but Hector wanted some action. For the first time that we have been together, Don thankfully threw the range thing out the window. He laid on my horn and my accelerator, and obliged him to the cheering of Jim and various afternoon bar sorts. Now they like electric vehicles just fine.


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