HI - I'm Got Plug? I'm a Mini E. That's an electric car being field tested by Mini. I have a few hundred siblings in the United States. We mostly reside on the left and right coasts where brave volunteers are pioneering with us. The volunteers are, for the most part, humans. You know; feet instead of tires, eyes instead of headlamps, pretty weird but they seem likable enough.

So, I am going to try to keep you interested with a diary of my activities here in the USA. I come from Germany which, of course, means I am very smart, good looking, fast, and thrifty.

Me on the MINI E E*Tour

Me on the MINI E E*Tour
All tucked in for the night

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GOT PLUG? Chapter 6 MINI E E*Tour, Post 2

2009.10.16 - Trip Inspiration

Don decided that he wanted to show me off, a lot. He also wanted me to see as many of my siblings as possible. So, in his infinite wisdom, he devised a plan.

He next step was to contact some folks in the Facebook MINI E group to secure charging locations. He is a big fan of this group, it gives a community spirit to what could well be a rather lonely endeavor; to drive and spread the word about how cool I am those unfortunate souls that are not currently driving and EV. Using David Fliegler’s Charger Sharing website complete with google maps and contact information, Don laid out a route visiting the most Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern points of the East Coast MINI E Range.

I have a range of about 100 miles and being a very special car I have a very special 220v plug; one you can’t pick up anywhere. I can get a boost from a standard 110v plug but it takes way longer than 220v.

The plan came together, and off we went. I was loaded with a tent, camping equipment, souvenir t-shirts for our “Power Support Team”, and love and good wishes from Jo Young, Don’s wife.

Now we’re back home after 1019.8 miles of charger sharing cruising. I’ve got lots of thanks and stories to tell, so here we go. Buckle up and Motor on!

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